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About Jackie McDonald

As a Realtor, Jackie has a passion for helping others reach their goals and achieve their dreams through selling and purchasing homes and land. She specializes in the Midlothian area and more than 80% of her client base is based in our community. She has an extensive background in insurance brokerage, relationship management, and event planning. In addition to providing frequent communication, Jackie goes above and beyond to serve her clients.

Latest Blog Posts

April Showers bring May Flowers!

Your irrigation system is what keeps your lawn looking lush, even when it’s dry outside. But issues like broken or clogged sprinkler heads and low water pressure cause the system to

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Orange Peels... And all their glory!

Trust us: Orange peels are not for the trash or the garbage disposal anymore. Sure, these fruit casings smell delicious–despite their slightly bitter taste–but there are so

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Taking Your Decor from Summer to Fall

With summer on the outs, it’s time to think about switching up your decor in time for fall. Colors are shifting, leaves are falling, and the weather is turning. Take inspiration from the great

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Increase Your Credibility

Got a credit card? If you have decent credit history, many credit card companies will have automatic approval limits to increase your existing credit line.  Why do this, you ask?  When

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